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Lake Trout:

Lake George boasts a thriving Lake Trout population where fish can grow to trophy proportions.  This deep water lake suits these fish well, so well in fact they have become self-sustaining; New York no longer stocks Lake Trout in Lake George.  Lake Trout feed mainly on smelt, sculpin and ciscoes, however they will eat several other fish species and even invertebrates at times.

This large, natural population of Lake Trout makes them one of the most frequently targeted fish species.  Trolling is the preferred method for catching Lake Trout as we can cover more water and present our baits to more fish.  Downriggers, lead core, and planer boards in conjunction with light trolling rods, with 6lb and 8lb test line are used to catch Lake Trout which average 21" to 22". Trophy Lake Trout exceeding 10lbs to over 20lbs are possible on any charter.


Land-locked Atlantic Salmon are considered by many to be the hardest fighting game fish, known for their jumping ability and long runs when hooked. Salmon are stocked in Lake George by New York State with 37,000 planted each year. Smelt are the preferred food for these fish, although other small fish such as Perch and invertebrates are eaten as well. Their hard fighting ability combined with excellent palatability makes land-locked Salmon our most sought after fish species.

Light tackle trolling with 6lb and 8lb test line is used to catch these fish, usually we can target both Trout and Salmon at the same time. Salmon average 18" to 20" in length with trophies over 5lbs caught each year.


As a two-stage fishery, Lake George also offers excellent fishing for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Numerous shallow bays and open-water structure with steep drop-offs provides habitat for both species of Bass. Smallmouth Bass predominate with more habitat suited to them, while Largemouth numbers seem to be increasing. Bass fishing provides anglers with the greatest amount of action. We fish mainly with live bait, but will use artificial baits at times, drifting or anchoring the boat as necessary.

Bass average 12" to 15" in length with fish over 16" frequently caught. Smallmouth offer the best trophy potential. Bass over 4lbs are caught every season.

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